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 Conner's Game Master application :]

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PostSubject: Conner''s Game Master application :]   Tue May 12, 2009 3:10 pm

IGN : Conner

Age : 12 But I am pretty smart and can be very mature if needed.

Experience : Well I've never been a GM but I have watched other GM's and I know commands and I know some codes :]

What Job are you applying for? : I'm applying for the Game Master Job

How long have you played GaboMS? : I've played Gabo MS uhhh not for a while I just started today and on Daniel's reccomendation I made a GM application.

How I will benefit you : I will benefit GaboMS because by helping the new players and hosting events making the server more fun than it already is!

Anything else : Well I may be 12 but I will be an awesome GM I am very mature if needed and I will be responsible and not abuse my job I am also glad to help anyone.

Thanks for reading my App.
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Conner's Game Master application :]
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