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 HEY you need me as gm>? no IDK but pls read this

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PostSubject: HEY you need me as gm>? no IDK but pls read this   Tue May 12, 2009 4:47 pm

GN: Coronel

AGE: 12 but i will be 13 in may 27 yay!!!!!

EXPERIENCE: this should be my 1st time but ive played maple since i wal 7 and discoverd private servers at 10 and i can ehpl ppl ho needs help and help on forum.... i can be forum admid if you want

WHAT JOB ARE YOU APPLYING FOR: forums admid or ING Admid

HOW LONG HAVE U PLAYED GABOMS: new here 2 days 0.o

HOW WILL U BENFIT US: I mi almost 24/7 no life gaming and help sapm ing or forums, i have very good ways to cach hakers

ANYTHING ELSE: I take gm jobs seriously.... even if this is my 1st maple gm job experience i have lots of gm experience in other game lots of them byond games but in other games...

HOPE you dont HATE IT affraid
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HEY you need me as gm>? no IDK but pls read this
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