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PostSubject: Suggestion   Mon Jul 27, 2009 9:51 am

Suggestion 1

1. What would you like to suggest to Gabo Ms?

I found that you can make a few dollars on the internet for free
all you do is click a ad and see it for 30sec(or minimize it) and you make 1 cent(its not that much but with 200 people; 100 people help you on this then youll make $10.00 everyday.
if you reffer someone under your name youll make a cent from what they click too
The site is
You might want to offer a in game award for a certain ammount of ads then more people will want to click the ads (you can see who clicked how many ads

2. How do you think it will help?
More money for the server means a better server =D

3. What is wrong with what we have now?
Nothing just itll be better

4. Any thing else we should know?
I can make a complete walktrough on how to regester and how to start clicking if you want me to.

Another way to make money

for this you have to pay $10 per monthbut you also make money every month.
you get $1 per person you reffer
and $1 for each person they reffer
and $1 for each person they reffer
and $1 for each person they reffer
and $1 for each person they reffer
thats five levels deep!
so if you get only 20 people to sign up under you then all of them reffer 2 people and they reffer 2 people etc.
then youll make 20+40+80+160+320 umm
you will make 620-10 (cost)
you will make $610 per month
and thats only if everyone reffers 2 people if they reffer 3 people then youll make $2420 per month and there is no limit to the number of people that you can reffer, and you can also directly reffer more than 20 people too.
itll take a while for the levels to build up but its worth the wait
You also get a website -- i checked and is avalable (it is now but you never know who might take it)
the site is
Since i didnt make an account on this so i cant make a walkthrough =C
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