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 GoodBye GaboMS

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PostSubject: GoodBye GaboMS   Wed Nov 25, 2009 10:23 pm

hmm i really miss this server R.I.P. GaboMS it was the first server i was ever a gm in... it was the first server i ever made ms friends in and ive kept them throughtout the years ive had playing ms... without gaboms i prolly wouldnt of had half of the good ms memories with my buds Very Happy so thank you gabo for making a server that has effected the private server community so much, and thank you so much for just providing such an awsome game for as long as you did. The experience has been amazing, truly ive been a member of GaboMS for probably 1 year and a half now and in that time i have learned so much. I still remeber hosting JQ's as a GM and hanging with daniel and conner and brad my closest gabo friends which conner and daniel i still speak with frequently. Thanks again Gabo. I am quitting GaboMS because it is apparent that the server will never officially re-open and i needed the closure because otherwise i would probably be checking the forums everyday for the rest of my life. I am going to miss everyone so much, and if you ever get a chance shoot me and E-mail @ Smile id love to hear from other former Gabo players. I <3 this server so much and i will truly miss it.

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GoodBye GaboMS
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